What? Dancing in boots? Whoever heard of dancing in boots?



I had never thought about it until one of my readers commented on my article about ballroom dancing shoes. She asked for information on less formal shoes to dance in because she and her husband do a lot of social and country dancing.  She felt that Capezio ballroom dance shoes were too formal for the type of dancing that they do. Her question intrigued me and inspired me to write this article.


Lots of people dance in boots… Just ask anyone who loves to line dance or do the Country Two Step! As I was doing research for this article, I discovered that there are several brands of dance boots on the market. Let’s explore a couple of them.


Check out Evenin’ Star Dance Boots








What’s so special about Evenin’ Star Dance Boots?



Evenin’ Star Dance Boots are specifically designed for dancers by dancers with an unsurpassed level of comfort. Made of soft, supple, lightweight leather, they are flexible enough to allow movement of the foot for a variety of positions, and comfortable enough to wear while dancing the night away, without having your feet hurt.


History of Evenin’Star Boot Company




Evenin’ Star Boot Company grew out of a country/western dance instructional video, “Two Step Dancin’ Texas Style”. The video was produced and distributed by dance instructors Steve Clarkson and Roy Shafer and became so popular that it led to a mail order business selling their instructional dance videos of different dances as well as a variety of western wear.

When Steve and Roy’s wives voiced their desire for cowboy boots that were more comfortable for the long hours of dancing that was required of dance instructors, the two friends and business partners developed a comfortable, stylish boot made just for dancers. Roy is currently pursuing other interests while Steve continues to own and run the company.


Who wears Evenin’ Star Dance Boots?





If you watch “Dancing with the Stars”, you have probably seen Evenin’ Star boots in action. Or, if you’re a football fan, you’ve probably seen the Dallas Cowboys’ and Denver Broncos cheerleaders performing in Evenin’ Star Dance Boots.

Superstars Taylor Swift and Reba McEntire also wear Evenin’ Star boots for their live performances. Reba states that she has worn Evenin’ Star dance boots since she was in “Annie Get Your Gun”.

She prefers wearing white Evenin’ Star dance boots for during her live concert performances because they are comfortable and lightweight. http://www.eveninstarboot.com/famous_feet.html


What do Evenin’ Star Dance Boots look like?



Do they look like ordinary cowboy boots? On the surface, they look like traditional cowboy boots. However, the improvements that make these boots comfortable and work well for dancing are built in and not apparent unless you know what to look for. The flexibility, comfort, softness, and lightness are all traits that are inherent in Evenin’ Star dance boots, but might not be visible at first glance.


Evenin’ Star boots are designed to match each other, so that both partners in dance teams’ boots will be identical.





The Cheyenne Evenin’ Star Dance Boot is 13 inches high and has a 21 inch rounded toe. It sells for $199, and is available from eveninstarboot.com.



Dusti is the women’s version of the men’s Cheyenne boot. It is identical in design. It sells for $199 on eveninstarboot.com.


Are there other brands of dancing boots?



During my research in preparation for writing this article, I discovered that there are other brands of “dancing boots.” However, in my opinion,  none of the brands except Evenin’ Star and Tecovas provided the engineering and innovations to provide the comfort and flexibility necessary for dance instructors, competitive dancers, or those who can’t resist dancing the night away.  The less expensive boots,  most of which are manufactured in China, are less flexible, stiff, and have lower quality linings and heels.



Dancing in Tecovas Fine Cowboy Boots?



Why not?



Tecovas Fine Bootmakers is a boot company that is based in Austin, Texas. They do not have a brick and mortar store, but sell directly to consumers online, thus eliminating the middleman and keeping prices approximately in the $200-500 price range.

The founder of Tecovas Fine Bootmakers, Paul Hendrick, had a dream of discovering a way to make affordable, comfortable, hand made cowboy boots, and traveled all over the world to achieve this goal. The culmination of his travels began in October 2015.

The resulting boots are hand made from the finest materials by leather crafters in Leon, Mexico, which is considered the “boot capital of the world” because there are so many brands of boots manufactured there.

Because the boots are sold online directly to consumers, the cost of the boots is approximately half the average cost of high quality boots.

Tecovas are designed to be comfortable and stylish, so that the wearer can walk all day or dance all night without discomfort.

Here are a couple pair of Tecovas boots to whet your appetite:



The Wyatt is an ostrich and calfskin boot with round toe and one and a half inch heel. It sells for $355 and may be purchased from Tecovas.com.



The Jamie is a soft, supple calfskin boot with a 1 3/4 heel that is reinforced with a rubber grip.  It is available from Tecovas.com and sells for $235.



What’s the difference between dance boots and cowboy boots?


Evenin’ Star Dance Boots are more flexible and comfortable than regular cowboy boots. The Pro model is made of Lycra and is so flexible it can be rolled into a ball, and is the preferred model for 80% of people who dance in competition.

Tecovas boots are also designed to be more comfortable than regular cowboy boots. They have a leather sole instead of rubber, which allows for ease of turns and movement on the dance floor.



So, what should I Look for in a dance boot?





I asked Ellery, a Customer Experience Associate at Tecovas Fine Bootmaker, what he considers to be the best dance boot. He kindly granted me permission to quote his response for my readers.

“Personally, I love having a leather sole and a rubber heel cap. The leather sole helps you slide and shuffle on wood floors, while the rubber heel cap gives a lot of comfort and stability!

Really, comfort is the most important thing, though! You can’t enjoy a night out if you’re wincing with each step. In general, you want a boot that is snug, but comfortable, with the ability to flex your foot with a medium weight sock.”

Thank you, Ellery, for that informative response.


Why should I pay more for boots to dance in?



There are other manufacturers of boots which can be worn for line dancing or country dances besides Evenin’ Star and Tecovas, but some of them are poorly made of cheaper materials, and do not fit as well. They might not hurt your pocketbook, but the same might not be true for your feet!



So what are you waiting for?



Grab yourself a pair of boots, take a class, learn The Boot Scootin’ Boogie, and have yourself a ball!





If you enjoyed this article, or have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I always enjoy visiting with my readers.













  1. I was surprised to visit your website and read your recent post on dancing in boots, I was not expecting that type of post I was expecting a post on ballroom dancing. I never learned to dance when I was young and now in my late 50’s it does not look like I am going to learn.

    I did find your dancing in boots extremely interesting, you now it is funny how many of us would never think about purchasing boots for dancing. I could just see myself tripping over my own two feet in boots, I suppose it takes a real cowgirl and cowboy to dance in boots

    • Hi, Jeff.

      Thanks for your comments. I had the same reaction when I first started researching “Dancing in Boots” because I had always done ballroom and social dancing, and didn’t realize that line dancers and country dancers wear boots. I’ve never even owned a pair of cowboy boots, although I have tried some on.

      I hope you weren’t disappointed that the post was not about ballroom dancing. I had a question from one of my readers, who inspired me to branch out into other types of dancing as well as ballroom.

      If you want to read about ballroom dancing, you can check out my posts “Why Ballroom Dancing” and “What is Ballroom Dance?” on this website. I will also be writing posts about different types of partner dancing, such as folk dancing, square dancing, and contra dancing in the future, so stay tuned if you’re interested in learning more.

      Don’t give up on learning to dance, Jeff. I was about 35 when I learned. I took an adult education class and really loved it. It was so much fun. We made friends, and laughed at our mistakes while we were learning not to step on each other’s toes!

      There are also formal ballroom instruction studios, but I preferred the more relaxed group because I’m shy and didn’t know anything about dancing, except that I wanted to learn. I guess I felt more comfortable thinking I’d be with more people like me.

      Future plans for my website include dance lesson videos demonstrating different dances, such as waltz, foxtrot, polka, swing, rhumba, and cha-cha, with instructions to learn the dance. Personally, I needed the actual class to be able to ask questions, but the videos would be a place for you to start so you could decide if you wanted to invest the time into taking a class. I am also working on a post about where and how to learn to dance, so please check back periodically if you are interested.


  2. Carol, I used to do some country dancing and I would wear my regular cowboy boots. I never thought to look into boots made just for dancing. Of course, I was a lot younger then and the internet wasn’t born yet.

    I can see where it would be better to have boots with rubber heels. Mine weren’t and that did affect the stability I had. Don’t get me wrong, they were good (expensive) cowboy boots, but they could have been better for dancing purposes.

    I have enjoyed your review and I will certainly keep this in mind going forward.


    • Hi, Anita. Thanks for your comments. I think a lot of people still do dance in regular cowboy boots, and might not even know that cowboy boots made especially for dancing even exist. I didn’t, until one of my readers who does country dancing asked about a less formal shoe for dancing than Capezios. I discovered them when I started doing research to answer her question.

      Evenin’ Star dance boots were born as a result of two country dance instructors’ wives complaining because their feet hurt from having to wear their cowboy boots and be on their feet so much during the lessons they were teaching. Their husbands designed them to be more flexible and comfortable as well as having the leather soles for easier sliding and spinning, and the heels for stability.

      Do you still have and wear your cowboy boots occasionally? I know they are still in styl; I see them fairly often on the street, and people wear them everywhere these days.


  3. Gosh, I still remember the day I did a line dance for the first time. It was a dance club in Tampa. I forget the name but it was on Armenia I believe. This was back in 1990 or thereabouts. I wasn’t a country music fan but I ended up at this place somehow. There was probably a lady involved in that decision.
    I like companies that developed naturally like ‘Evenin’Star Boot Company. They found a need and filled it.
    I had a lot of fun at that dance club in Tampa. I ended up going to a few others and danced in the line dance songs.
    I remember all the boots that are made in Mexico from my time in California. In the open-air markets and craft shows, they were everywhere. That’s pretty neat that they can make dance boots that are so flexible and comfortable to dance in but still look like cowboy boots.
    That’s amazing all they have done to improve the way boots are made. That’s a cool story about the founder of Tecovas searching the world for the best way to build them.
    I guess for high-quality boots the price doesn’t sound too bad either. Looks like you really covered dance boots well with this post. Thanks. Do you have a favorite brand?

    • Thanks for your interesting comments, Paul. It sounds like you have really had some fun experiences “dancing in boots”. I used to know “Boot Scootin’ Boogy” and “Slappin’ Leather”, but it has been so long since I’ve done any dancing, I doubt if I would remember them now.

      I went to a dance with a neighbor who really knew what she was doing once. I was all over the place trying to follow everyone else’s moves, while she just stayed in her place in line and danced the night away!

      I have a set of video tapes of line dance classes, but have never done anything with it. Another one of those projects put aside for a rainy day, I guess.

      No, I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots, dancing or otherwise, so I don’t have a favorite brand. But I think if I was serious about taking a line dance class, I’d probably opt for Evenin’ Star because they are designed by dancers for dancers and are so flexible and comfortable.


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